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Event & Wedding Photography, Highlight Video, Top DJ Service &
XXL Photobooth:  FSB 🔴 Celebration Service Becker

Event & Wedding Photography, Highlight Video, Top DJ Service & XXL Photobooth - FSB 🔴 Celebration Service Becker

Event & Wedding Photography, Highlight Video, Top DJ Service & XXL Photobooth - FSB 🔴 Celebration Service Becker

Event & Wedding Photography, Highlight Video, Top DJ Service & XXL Photobooth:

FSB 🔴 Celebration Service Becker

Hello and ❤️


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and a warm welcome to our site,

I am Matthias Becker, your DJ, solo entertainer as well as photographer and videographer. I'm delighted that you're interested in my services and I'm always here to help if you have any questions.

My company, FSB 🔴 Feier-Service-Becker, specializes in first-class musical entertainment and at the same time in photographing and filming weddings, company celebrations and much more. Whether alone or as a team, depending on your wishes and requirements, we will make your event unforgettable.

We are there for you throughout the German-speaking region, from the Alps to the North Sea. Bridal couples in particular make up a large proportion of our customer base, and we are proud that everyone has been extremely satisfied with our work so far - but see for yourself what our customers say about us.

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Three points that briefly explain who we are and what we do:


1) Service Offering:

FSB 🔴 RED provides a comprehensive array of photography, videography, and music services for both private and public events including weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, conferences, and more. With offices located in Germany and Austria, our services extend across borders.


2) Combination Possibilities and Discounts:

Clients have the opportunity to combine different services, benefitting from discounts of up to 50%. We offer an all-inclusive worry-free package at fair prices, which also includes the unique offerings of photo mirror or photo booth systems with an optional printer flat rate.


3) High-Quality Photo and Video Equipment:

We offer simultaneous photo and video recordings at events, utilizing multiple camera angles and filming in high-resolution 4k quality. Clients initially receive the video material in 720p HD quality free of charge and have the option to purchase higher resolution versions or commission the production of a documentary or highlight film.


Hochzeitsfotograf, Event Fotograf, Party Fotograf, Brautpaar Shooting


Wedding videographer, film production, highlight video, aerial photography, drone pilot


Wedding DJ, club DJ, barn DJ, party DJ, entertainer, presenter

Photo Booth

XXL photo box, photo mirror, photo machine, selfie cam, portrait and landscape format, pressing a button is a thing of the past, face recognition, smiling is the trigger


Disco & karaoke, moderation, entertainment


Disco & karaoke, moderation, entertainment
Filmmaker drone pilot event photographer

The FSB 🔴 RED Team is composed of dedicated photographers, DJs, and an artist who will amaze you with his impressive fire show. Our photo mirrors and photobooth systems are a particularly special attraction that you can optionally book with an unlimited print flat rate.

Feel free to also put together a combination package that links multiple services – for example, a DJ plus a photobooth or the highly sought-after combination of a DJ, wedding photographer, videographer, and photobooth. Here, you can really save money as we like to pass on the savings in travel and personnel costs directly to you as discounts. This way, you get an all-carefree package at a truly fair price.

For a no-obligation quote or combo offer, I am at your disposal. You can reach me either directly here or via WhatsApp through the QR code below.

QR Code WhatsApp Contact - Write to me
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About FSB 🔴 RED: I founded FSB 🔴 RED back in 1989 as FSBmusic, but we have simply become known as "FSB" in popular terms. Once started as the largest and most successful Mobile Disco in South Thuringia, we have now focused on weddings, birthdays, and corporate events, and I continue to run the company with the same passion and professionalism our customers have always appreciated. Our services span photo, video, and music services for both private occasions such as weddings and birthdays and business events. With FSB 🔴 RED, you'll find your professional events partner in Germany and Austria. I look forward to giving you and your guests an unparalleled event experience and am available for any questions you may have. Just write to me, and we can discuss everything else personally. With musical regards and a click for eternity, Your Matthias Becker FSB 🔴 Party-Service-Becker

over 30 years of professional experience combined with a youthful dynamic = FSB 🔴 RED team
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Are you facing the challenge of planning your own wedding and wondering what criteria a good wedding DJ should meet?

Our DJ Service for Your Wedding It's universally acknowledged that the right musical accompaniment is crucial for any celebration. That's why I founded FSBmusic in 1989 with the aim of helping my clients find the ideal DJ for their event, especially wedding celebrations. Whether it's Philipp, Marco, Gregor, or myself, Matthias, who turns out to be the perfect DJ for you – we'll figure that out in a personal conversation. After all, I need to get to know you. Together, we will discuss your ideas and wishes and see if the chemistry between us is right. With my experience of over 30 years and more than 4000 events personally conducted, including over 1000 weddings, I'm happy to also offer helpful tips. Whether during the drinks reception, over dinner, or at the ensuing party – our seasoned FSB 🔴 RED - Wedding DJs know exactly how to enthrall you and your guests with the right music, making your big day unforgettable. Of course, our DJs are also happy to take music requests and skillfully weave them into the evening in a timely manner. Additionally, we can MC parts of the program if required. But don't worry, there are no DJs here who spend the whole evening on the microphone indulging in their need for attention.

Photographer, first look, detail of a love

Don't worry, we're here to hold your hand and support you in experiencing an unforgettable celebration with a professional wedding DJ!

Searching for the perfect DJ for your wedding can certainly present a few challenges. In a short 30- to 60-minute introductory meeting, it can often be difficult to determine whether a DJ is skilled, adept at incorporating music requests into the program, and reliable. However, you will have a gut feeling, and often customer testimonials from others who have already used our services can reinforce that instinct or prompt you to pull the plug. For this, there are several different review sites available, all of which are linked here. This is exactly where we as an experienced DJ team come in. Unlike event agencies that work with various DJs, our team is based on years of experience and regular exchange with each other. We prioritize quality over quantity. With our expertise and passion for music, we can ensure that your wedding becomes an unforgettable experience.

Wedding, DJ, presenter, entertainer

No additional fees. Free travel throughout the entire federal region with experienced DJs from FSB.RED! The setup and breakdown are also included.

Every FSB 🔴 RED DJ’s working method is well-known within the team. We understand our strengths and weaknesses, thus we can tailor our approach to meet the desires and preferences of our clients. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We have developed two perfect concepts for private events; although they are different, both are guaranteed to work. Thanks to my previous work at a large DJ agency, I have access to a considerable network of over 90 experienced club and event DJs, as well as numerous live acts. Yet, we prefer to stay independent.


Should the need arise, we will provide a first-rate replacement DJ from our team.

With our proven concept, we annually support over 200 events across Germany and are also ready to assist you in finding the perfect DJ for your celebration...

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

In the unfortunate event that the celebration is cancelled, you have the option to reschedule it free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Whatever the reason - we offer you flexibility!

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The initial consultation

In an initial conversation, we will discuss your expectations, give you helpful advice and check whether it suits both sides.


Your wedding DJ

“We ensure that the perfect combination is created.”

An experienced DJ for your wedding will be selected individually according to your ideas. Check its availability now and secure your desired date!

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FSB.RED Photo Video Music for your party

Foto Video Musik

für Ihre Feier

experienced filmmaker & drone pilot, event & wedding photographer, DJ & entertainer
over 30 years of professional experience combined with a youthful dynamic = FSB 🔴 RED team
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Light & sound system for weddings

from € 499,-

Music offers


Eight different solo entertainer/DJ offers with light and sound systems as well as a DJ suitcase job offer (without light and sound system) that can be plugged into existing technology can be found here. We have also listed various combination offers with a photo box.

Wedding photographer Gregor

from €99 per hour

Photo service

Photo & video offers as well as offers for printouts, photo book creation etc.

You can find everything about photo & video here.

Wedding video in Matzenhofen

from € 0,-

Video service

Video offers as well as offers for highlight video or documentary film creation, etc.

You can find everything about photo & video here.

XXL photo box photo mirror from FSB.RED with AI facial recognition as a trigger

from € 49,-

Photo box service

Here you will find offers for our XXL photo box (photo booth / photo mirror) with or without a flat rate printer as well as various combination offers with a DJ, solo entertainer, videographer or photographer.